2015 Writing Goals


NOPE, not resolutions or any easy to ignore baloney like that; GOALS.

I currently have my fingers in a lot of pies. Probably too many pies. Basically you can’t move round my gaff for all the bloomin’ pies piled up. I also have a full-time day job which, you know, is annoying. Especially when you are trying to do so many different things and you often only have weekends and a few hours in the evening (well, some evenings) to do it all in.

Baring all this in mind, I thought it would be useful for me to toss down what I would like to see happen this year. What I would like to achieve and how. This may very well be a dully-dull read for you, but I think it’ll be a useful exercise for me. SO TOUGH.


  • Have a pilot commissioned (Radio prob best bet)
  • Have prod/channel pick up our new mainstream sitcom for development
  • Take a step up to be in a position we’ve not been in before.

I’ve been attempting to push this rock uphill for around eight years or so now, I’m still a ways away from ‘making it’, but I’m still trying. I think that’s what differentiates the will-make-its from the never-wills, persistence. Not becoming disheartened and throwing in the towel. Acknowledging that failure is a huge part of scriptwriting and moving forward anyway.

Of course, there comes a point when you’re just being deluded. If you’ve attempted this for years then you need to have some tangible signs that you actually might have what it takes, otherwise yeah, move onto something else..!

Happily for me, I’ve had enough glimmers of ‘success’ that it makes sense to carry on. I’ve been inching in the right direction further and further each year. It might have taken me a couple of years to even get that first meeting with a production company, but now they’re a regular thing, I have an agent, I develop shows at all sorts of different places, I even worked with Graham freaking Linehan once.


My goal with this is to once again move up a level this year. To get something to the next stage. Now that doesn’t mean a whole series, but to have a pilot commissioned? That would be glorious. We (I write TV/Radio scripts with a partner) currently have a few things in good positions: there’s the radio sitcom we’re developing with an exec prod at the BBC, perhaps that might get the final thumbs up this year? There’s the TV sitcom that a prod company is attempting to attach talent to at the moment, and there’s a new cartoon series that (if it goes to series) we will hopefully be part of the writing team for. If any one of those three where to take a few lurches forward this year, or even come to fruition, I’d consider this to be a milestone year for my scriptwriting career.

Aside from that, we have a new sitcom we’re both really excited about and are developing with BBC 1 in mind (pitching for the mainstream, son!); so the aim for the first few months of this year is to shape that spec pilot and get it out there.

Aside from that (and continuing to push the other scripts we have bouncing around town) I want to look at other ways of getting us noticed that we haven’t really pushed at yet, to see if any of them make sense for us. So this would include ideas like writing a live ‘thing’ to put on, making a short film, writing a feature film script, jazz like that. Time to try something new and see how that helps.

Indie Author

  • Complete and publish all four parts of the ‘Fire’ mini-series.
  • Develop my planned ongoing novel series.

Even if I only manage to get one title out there by the end of the year, this will be a brilliant start and I’ll be able to count this goal as achieved. I see no reason why I won’t be able to make that happen . The only thing that could stop me is my own inherent lazy-ass-ness.

I have two other novellas which have first drafts completed, so I may well try to put one or both of them out too. Becoming an indie author this year is a big thing for me. Not only will it be creatively rewarding, but it gives me the chance to build a business, to see an extra revenue stream built through pure creativity.

Article Writing

Doctor Who Thing

  • Continue to develop Doctor Who Thing by posting regularly to site, and keeping the Twitter and Facebook pages updated.
  • Build to a point where it may be possible to monetize the site.
  • Have other people contribute posts on a regular basis. Yes, Thing should have a certain unique flavour, but for it to grow the site needs regular updates, and I probably won’t be able to take it all on myself. To have other writers will also help to develop Thing as a website rather than a glorified blog.

I am wondering exactly how this site can grow, and as what. It seems a site like Blogtor Who and the like have the market cornered for just posting news and reviews, so Thing has to offer more of what these other sites don’t. Articles with a strong, and at times daft, voice. Personality. Fun. Positivity.


  • Continue to seek out other websites (or mags/papers/whatevs) to contribute to.

This is something I only decided to attempt in the last week or so, and I now already have a few articles in the works for Cult Box, and perhaps one other place, so that’s going nicely. So I need to carry that on, seek out other places (Den of Geek for eg) to write for. Ideally not only articles about Doctor Who..!… (Also ideally, to find a place or two that might even PAY me to write content..!..!..!)(MENTAL, I know..!)

Go Part Time

  • To build multiple revenue streams outside of the day job.

Unless something big happens, like me and my TV Comedy writing partner sell a series, or are hired to write multiple episodes of something, or that first Indie novel blows up to Hugh Howey levels,  then I’m not actually expecting to be in the position to go part-time by the end of the year. What I’m hoping for is that this year I will have laid the groundwork for it to be possible soon after. I’ll have started on the Indie Author career, perhaps have money coming in from article writing, be earning more from scriptwriting. Basically, that I’ll be in a position whereby it will soon be possible to scale back the dull day job because of regular money coming in from various different fields.

Now this would be wonderful, and is one reason why I’m attempting so many different things. Money coming in from only one place? I’m tied in. Even two. But small amounts regularly from four, five, six different places? That’s security and the opportunity to drop back from the nine-to-five office job a little; the chance to concentrate more on building those other creative sources of income. 


Multiple revenue streams, that’s the big goal.

That’s the hope.

Go hard at all the above areas and lay the foundation for going part-time (and eventually full-time) sooner rather than later.

How will I do?! Only God and Space Jesus (and perhaps one of those X-Men who can see the future) know. (Is there an X-Men person that can see the future..?)(Maybe I could Google that)(Other search engines are available) (Nah)(Can’t be bovved)

(The) End.


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