Boy Between: First Line

i am writing

A week or so back I posted my writing goals for 2015. Welp, things have already evolved since then and they don’t really hold true. That’s good, that’s fine, gotta keep moving. I suppose I’ll do a Writing Goals 2.0 post soon to keep things up to date. Maybe. Maybe not. IT’S MY SITE, I CAN DO WHAT I LIKE!

One thing that’s changed is my Indie Author goals. I had planned to focus on my ‘Fire’ series, but I’m now holding off on continuing that for a while. The reason for this is I already have two drafts of another novel completed, so it made sense to me to lean that way first. Polish that bad boy up, and then couple it with a few novella’s set in the same world to start a marketing funnel.

Work on the first novella started properly today. It’ll be the entry point to the world, the first step (either super cheap or free to download) that will point you in the direction of the longer work and then onto the second novella. Not that you really have to read them in that order, they’re all stand alone stories that happen to set foot in the same fantasy world.

So today I was planning out this initial novella. For the time being it’s called ‘Boy Between’, and is hopefully a rather creepy little tale. I even managed to toss down a first line. Love a first line. 

“This sort of thing happens all the time, you see.”

Wonder if that’ll stay in place for long?

So yes, we’re off. It’s been a slow start this year with lots of other writing work getting in the way, but finally I’m writing prose again. 



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