Boy Between Progress


Well things have been going okay with the ‘Boy Between’ novella. I now have around five thousand words in the bank, if I manage to stay focused (i.e., write rather than looking at the internet for hours) then I should have an awful first draft in the can within a few weeks. Which is awesome.

Another awesome thing is a discovery I made this week. I intend to launch three books at the same time, all under the ‘Between’ brand. I’ve done two drafts on one of the stories, and it looks like this other one is shaping up well, so that leaves the third one. I’d been pondering what other story to tell, when I realised something I’d already put down four thousand words for could, with a little tweak, fit as a ‘Between’ story. That’s pretty handy..!

So I have my three initial stories, now I just have to finish first drafts of two of them, and then edit, edit, edit all three. It feels like I can see an end in sight if I stay focused. I’ll be a published Indie Author before you know it, and then the adventure and hard work really starts.

Oh boy.

Here’s a sneaky peek at some of the rough copy from todays writing:

The egg lurched suddenly, rolling off the pillow and coming to a stop on Sam’s duvet. It began to rock and jump as something inside fought to escape its bonds. A split appeared and tore the egg in two, and out of it crawled the most extraordinary thing. It was like a baby, but also not at all like a baby. Small and sharp and grey and mewling. It flexed its back and opened its eyes that were too large for its misshapen head for the first time. Arching its back it thrust its face towards the ceiling and let out a piercing scream from a mouth that ripped its way into reality across its face.

The creature sagged and panted, breathing air for the first time, gulping it down greedily.

Sam approached the creature, reaching out a hand to brush away the last remnants of the leathery egg that clinged sticky to its sickly hued skin.

‘Hello, friend. I remembered you.’

The creature at last brought its breathing under control and curled into a foetal position, a satisfied smile on its face.

‘Awake,’ it said, with a voice that scraped its way uncomfortably out of its throat, ‘Awake.’


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