The Identical Boy

first lines

I’ve now hit the 12,000 word mark on the novella, which is nice. All being well I should finish up the first draft by the end of the week, hopefully topping off somewhere around the 17,000 word mark. Up to this point the title was ‘Boy Between’, which was rubbish. Straight up cack. The reason for the title was that I was trying to squeeze the word ‘Between’ in there somehow, as that’s the linking fantasy element of the first three books I’ll be releasing. But nah, changed my mind, this one will now be called ‘The Identical Boy’, which I like muuuuuch more. I’ll drop the ‘Between’ into the sub-heading underneath the main title.

My loose aim is to get Boy and the longer Between book out by mid-April, with the third title tossed up a month-to-six weeks later, plus a single book that will then contain all three, plus extras. A nice little funnel. So If I finish Boy this week, it’ll be on to editing the other book, then back to fiddle with this one, send them out for a once over, final polish, then ready to go. At the same time as the edit on those two I’ll be knocking up the first draft of the third book.

So writing aside, the next most important thing are covers. Now if you listen to any Indie Author podcasts, you’ll know about 99 Designs. I want to use them. Trouble is, the cheapest service they offer would set me back 200 pounds or more per cover. When I’m planning on releasing three almost at the same time, that’s quite an outlay. Especially if I’m going to be forking out for edit services. Especially, especially when any decent chunks of spare cash are earmarked for elsewhere this year. Crap. So what to do..?

Well I’ll tell you, if you just give me one God damn second, alright?

I recently found by Derek Murphy, which, for a small amount of cash, and lots of fiddling around and annoying practice, allows you to put together a decent cover yourself. There’s tons of help and ready-made templates to use as a starting point. I won’t bang on about it, follow the link if you want to check it out. I’m going to try it out first with the novella I’m planning to give out free to my email subscribe list peeps. Seems like a no risk way to test the thing out.

There’s no way I’ll put out a book with a shitty cover, that’s a waste of time, but I’d like to explore cheaper options before I have to come round to the more expensive option. And, of course, nothing is forever, I can always update the covers further down the line.

Yes, I realise this is probably a terrible idea, but worth at least having a go at. I also saw this ace article which explains how to get a decent cover for super-duper cheap using a place called Fiverr. So I might investigate that too. Seems worth commissioning a thing or two to test the waters if I’m only spending a few pounds a pop.

Okay, on we go, fingers crossed I get the first draft of ‘The Identical Boy’ sploshed out by weeks end…

Oh, and do let me know about any cover options you’ve discovered..!


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