I Am An AMAZING Cover Designer. TRUTH!

headless man

So I had my first little go (without looking into how to actually do it, basically just winging it!) at using the tool over at DIY Book Covers to design a front cover for one of my books. The result is to the left. It’s kinda cool looking, no? I was impressed for my first little go, anyway! After showing my girlfriend she found this Trainspotting cover; spooky..!

This isn’t for a book I’ll actually be putting up to sell, though it may work for the free book I’m going to be giving away as incentive for signing up to my email list.

As a result of my first clueless play around, I’m pretty happy with it, though I can see in this smaller version things to look out for when trying again. Some of the title words are tricky to read, for example. Always worth shrinking the image down to see how it would potentially work on a site like Amazon.

Anyway, this not totally duff first go makes me think with some actual knowledge and practice, I might be able to fashion some pretty nifty covers for the books I actually plan on selling. Which would be cool! And a money saver. Even if that does happen, I’m sure I’ll still reach out to pros at some point anyway, because I can fiddle and practice all I like, I’m never going to top what a seasoned pro will knock out.

But yeah. Stupidly proud for such a simple little thing!

Okay, this was my way of distracting myself from actually writing: BAD MATTHEW! On with it, then!


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