Comedy Writer


I’ve been slowly (oh so slowly) chipping away at the world of TV and Radio comedy for several years now. I’ve had little glimmers of success here and there, including being involved in the (later abandoned) 5th season of The IT Crowd, writing sketches for Mitchell & Webb, and developing show after show with a plethora of production companies and BBC in-house producers. Show after show that all, at some point, stumbled and were then shot in the face at point-blank range. SO FAR.

I started out writing solo, but these days I scribble comedy stuff as part of a duo, with actor/writer/nonsense-goose Isabel Fay. We write good funny. We’re represented by the high and mighty Independent Talent agency and have a bunch of stuff in development all over the place.

One of these days we’ll get there and then will TAKE OUR REVENGE ON ALL OF YOU.

Or not. Tough business. You need to get A LOT of people to say yes to something, and it still might not get made. This is actually the main reason why, with my (non-comedy) prose fiction, I’m going the Indie route. Only person who can say ‘no’ to me publishing my work is me, and I probably won’t. Probably.


I bloody LOVE sitcoms. Here’s some of duh best:

‘Seinfeld’. The Greatest Sitcom of All Time. It’s a God damn work of genius. The stories, the characters, the writing, the everything.

‘Red Dwarf’: Grew up on this show. Me and my brother used to record audio versions of episodes onto tape, usually ‘Marooned’ because that was my favourite. Ain’t we adorable?

‘Father Ted’: Graham Linehan was a HUGE influence in building my early comic voice, and ‘Father Ted’ is the show that introduced me to his bonkers.

‘Spaced’: I want to hug this show and kiss it on the mouth. Simon Pegg, Jessica Hynes, Edgar Wright… you guys are alright.

‘Arrested Development’: HOLY SHIT. HOW? I MEAN… HOLY SHIT..!

‘Friends’: Don’t be a snob, you snob, IT’S ACE x 100.

I could go on and on and on. I could mention ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, or ‘Black Books’, or ‘I’m Alan Partridge’, or ’30 Rock’, or ‘Parks & Rec’, or ‘The American Office’, or ‘Party Down’, or ‘The IT Crowd’, or ‘Malcolm in The Middle’, or ‘Community’, or ‘Blackadder’, or ‘Moone Boy’, or… well… you get the idea.



4 thoughts on “Comedy Writer”

  1. Yay for sitcoms indeed!
    I’ve learnt English watching Friends. It has a very special place in my heart. And to this day, if I stumble upon an episode while channel surfing, I can’t not watch it.

      1. Matt made me laugh I’d forgotten bout our days of recording red dwarf I’d like think I was,a part of the start to greatness lol

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