New Newy Newness



So what the heck have I been up to, aside from making the guys & gals swoon as I strut by in my tight-tight jeans? Well, I’ve been writing a butt-load (technical writing term). I’ve completed the first novel in a post apocalyptic-ish, alien invasion-ish (though not)(wait, what?) series, started the next book in that same series (I mean, there aren’t aliens in it. As such. Sort of? Kind of zombies too. Though they’re not zombies), written a horror/time travel novelette, and another spooky novelette on top of that.


So as things stand, I have five books with at least first drafts finished, and a couple more started. By the time I publish I’ll have at least seven complete stories.


I really wanted to get way ahead before I put anything out, because I believe it’s important to be able to increase your back catalogue fast in the indie world when you start out. You want a wide digital footprint, and to have lots more stories available for any readers who take a chance on you, otherwise they’ll move on and forget.

Plus more books just means more chance of finding something that breaks out, and more revenue streams.

I’m all about the dollar, dollar bills, y’all.

My plan is to finish that second non-invasion, alien invasion, non-zombie, sort of zombie (WTF is it?!), end of the world series novel, plus chuck the last 20,000 words on to the end of something else. This will all occur over this month and next, and then….


“B-b-b-b-ut, when is it Matthew, you great hunk of spunk?! Don’t leave us hanging like this!!”

It’s soon. So, so soon. October soon. What’s more, I’ll be releasing ‘A Monstrous Place’ and one of the novelette’s at the same time.  YUP: two prime slabs of Stott available for you, my loyal fans, right out of the gate. SWISH! And guess what? If you sign up to my list, you’ll get Monstrous before it’s even published.


Okay. Cool. Go away.

Love you.



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