A-a-a-a-lmost There…

monsttAs I write this, it’s the first of September. Which means, HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER, MY FIRST BOOK IS PUBLISHED…



October shall be the month when ‘A Monstrous Place’ is FINALLY unleashed onto a cold, indifferent world. Of course, if you’re part of my Mailing List, you’ll be getting the book before it’s officially released. Ain’t you a lucky so-and-so? In fact, you’ll be getting it in just a few short weeks. The eBook file is just in the final stages of being fiddled with, and then it will be all spiffy and sexy and ready for your eyeballs.

It’s been a long time coming. I actually finished the first draft of this novel in February… of last year! So yeah. Been dragging me boots somewhat.


God, I can almost SMELL those disappointing first week sales! Hoo-Wee!

Keep your eyes on this very site for further news and a sneak peek at the first chapter.



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