Scooping My Brain Up Off The Floor


Hey there, Nerds!

Welp, things have been a little on the slow side this week. The only day I’ve written fresh story words was Monday. But I think I’ve figured it out.

I’ve got a bunch of ideas for different novels (and indeed novel series) that I want to write. This is obviously a good thing. It’s also a bit of a pain as I’ve been attempting to push-start several series at the same time before hitting ‘publish’. This is basically the biggest reason that it’s taken me so long to get any work out there.

The reasoning behind this was pretty sound: if I immediately launch with more than one series,  readers will be more likely to accept and WANT more than one thing from me. I don’t want to be just considered the writer of one series, and then, potentially, have whatever I move onto next be ignored. I want my readers to be up for trying whatever I put out.

The problem right now, is that I’m splitting my brain and time in too many directions, and it’s caused my writing to grind to a halt. The solution was obvious: put aside the second series for the time being and instead concentrate on getting the trio of ‘Tales From Between’ books finished and ready to launch. I can then go back to the second series (which I already have one and a bit books written for) and really focus on it.

This does mean a possible delay in launching this second series, but that’s okay, because I have a couple of short stand alone works almost ready to go that I can dot between my first series releases. Short works that are very different from the ‘Tales From Between’.

So here’s the plan. As it stands. Right now. It will probably change. Plans have a habit of doing that. They’re annoying as balls that way.


In October, I will release ‘A Monstrous Place’. WOO-HOO!

A month later, the second ‘Tale From Between’ will be released, followed by one of the separate stand alone books.

Jan/Feb will see the third ‘Tale From Between’ come out to play, and I’ll then also release an omnibus edition featuring all three. The second stand alone book will also be released.


So, yeah, that seems like enough to be going on with… It should also clue readers into the fact that I’m not just going to be the ‘Tales From Between’ guy. There’s going to be other things thrown at their faces at dangerous speeds, too.

Okay, that works, I can actually get back to writing now.

(Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll have a sneak peek at ‘A Monstrous Place’ up on the site soon.)


That’s it.



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