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It’s time!

My ace new spooky book ‘Sixty-Six’ is available on Amazon to download FOR FREE.

I know! I’m just the best.

Please give it a download if you’re able to, and share the news if that’s the sort of thing you’d like to do.

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I’d LOVE to give away a ton of these this week. If you like a spooky tale, I think you’re gonna enjoy it.




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Sixty-Six: It’s Almost Time…


Gently they come

To the man who waits

The children unknowing

Of their dreadful fates

No face of his own

So he takes a head

Then down he slumbers

On the lake’s own bed

Cumbrian Children’s Rhyme, author unknown.


It’s almost time! For your FREE HALLOWEEN BOOK!


When I say download…..


Book Review: A Monstrous Place by Matthew Stott

Hey, Nerds, just blowing my own trumpet with this post. *tootles hard*

Eamon Ambrose is an awesome author in his own right (Check out both available parts of ‘Zero Hour’ on Amazon NOW, you won’t regret it) and he’ s been nice enough to review ‘A Monstrous Place’ on his site. Still not sure if he liked it, though.



Go away.

Eamo The Geek

monsttAnother debut this month, and just in time for Halloween, here comes A Monstrous Place, Matthew Stott’s first book in his new Tales From Between series, aimed at early teens upwards. First thing you notice is the striking cover art, which for me always ramps up my expectations of what’s inside.

A Monstrous Place tells the story of Molly, a young girl who finds herself caught in a nightmarish world, as her friends and neighbours start to go missing. After a visit from her grandmother’s ghost, she must enter the world between awake and asleep to thwart the evil plans of those responsible.

What follows is a beautifully creepy tale brimming with vivid and macabre imagery. Stott’s alternate supernatural world is stylishly constructed and populated with all manner of ghoulish characters, each more terrifying than the last, and as Molly makes her way through this hellish world, we see her…

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Sixty-Six: First Chapter

66 cover 2Hey there, nerds!

Next week, ‘Sixty-Six’ will be available to download for free from Amazon in the run up to Halloween.  You’re welcome. It’s a spooky tale, and I thought I’d share a sneak peek at the first chapter.



The Dream 

October, 2006

The number consumed Carl’s mind as he walked further into the dream.



He looked back to see his open laptop on the coffee table, an email from an old friend still visible. Carl turned away and stepped through the bathroom doorway, not onto cold floor tiles, but onto wet, crisp grass.

He could feel the cool breeze caressing his skin, blowing in towards him across the still lake water. Carl hadn’t been back to this lake since he was eleven years old.

He moved towards the water’s edge.

There was a boat waiting for him.

Carl didn’t want to get into the small wooden boat with its rough-handled oars, but he did. He stepped in and sat on the damp plank. Mouth a grim line, he dragged the oars through the water, propelling himself across the lake.

He didn’t have to look to know it was there. That it was waiting for him. Wanting.

Lakeside House.

Carl tried to ignore the children’s hands that reached out of the watery depths to claw at the boat as it skimmed overhead. Their flesh was grey and soft, falling away from bone as they dragged their fingers across the coarse wood of the vessel.

Lakeside House. Was he in there? Was it time? How long had passed, since? How many years?




No. No. No. Not yet. Not yet.

All too soon, the grasping dead things were too many in number and going any further seemed impossible. Carl tried to beat the hands back with an oar, but they fell away only to reappear, more determined than ever. Stopping to catch his breath, he looked over the boat’s edge into the water. He saw a face he recognised looking back. A face that seemed untouched by the years or the water. It sat on a body that wasn’t its own but which had claimed it as such.

As the first, small hand found its way to his wrist and began to pull him into the water, Carl felt terror grip his heart. Not through fear of the dream, because he knew that was all it was. No, fear of what was to come. Of what had happened before and what would happen again. Fear of what he knew he had to do, but wished he didn’t.



He had to go back.

Back to Lakeside House. Back to him.

He finally yielded to the hands’ desperate insistence. They pulled him overboard and below the surface.




The thick, foul water invaded Carl’s body, filling him with death as, all around, skulls spiralled like trapped bubbles suddenly released, racing for the surface.





Hey, nerds!

Quick one today. Some mad fool decided they wanted to interview little ol’ me for their blog. I said yes. I wish I had a more interesting story for you.

Here’s a bit:

Hello Matthew and thank you so much for joining me here in the Rubber Room. Can you tell me a little about yourself and your background and what led you into writing in the first place?

Hello! I’m Matthew, I’m a writer. I’ve always been a writer, apart from those six months aged six when I decided I’d quite like to be a private detective. I don’t remember a time I didn’t write stories, so I’ve no idea where it came from, other than by saying something that would make you cringe and bite your fist. Something like: ‘I was touched by the writing muse from the moment I was born.’ YUCK. I currently split my time between writing funny scripts, and spooky novels. Oh, and arguing about Doctor Who on the internet.

For the rest, hit the link below:


I’ll be putting up chapter one of ‘Sixty-Six’ tomorrow, so head back for a ghoulish read…


Sixty-Six: FREE!?

66 cover 2Hey, nerds,

I am the nicest man alive. I think by now you know this, yes? Because of this niceness, coupled with a fear of money, I am doing something incredible. Something that will be remembered for years to come. Something that will put me up among the Gods.

What? What is it?! Please tell me, master!! (That’s you guys, begging me. Bunch of nerds.)

Up off your knees, here’s the skinny:

I’m going to release my spooky story ‘Sixty-Six’ on Amazon next week. Halloween week. For nothing.


For the first few days of its release, it will be free to download. Which means you don’t have to pay. (money)


Check back soon for a sneak peek at the first chapter, and make sure you go ahead and download the freaking thing when it’s released! DON’T MISS OUT.


You will, you know.

Now go away.



Sixty Six Cover!

Hey, nerds!

Exciting news! Next week, just in time for Halloween, I’ll be releasing my second story. A wee, creepy novelette called ‘Sixty Six’. Just take a look at this beast of a cover:

66 cover 2

Eye-catching, yes? This is a more grown up story than ‘A Monstrous Place’. It’s a really spooky tale that’s certain to put a shiver or two up your lily-livered spine…

“No face of his own, so he takes a head

Then down he slumbers, on the lake’s own bed.”


I’ll pop the opening chapter up for you to peep in a few days, so make sure you come back to check it out!

I think this is a good one. I think you’re gonna like it too…