I’m a Published Author!


Hot diggity!

I hit publish!

‘A Monstrous Place’ is now up and available to buy on Amazon.


I hadn’t intended to publish until October 20th, but then a bit of a mix-up occurred over the publishing of the paperback (basically I’m a fat-fisted, clumsy oaf), and I thought, screw it, and published the kindle book, too. I had planned to put some promotion in place. To do a few blog posts leading up to it. To try and raise awareness and anticipation. 

Screw it.

Why not just publish and get on with it?

Nothing rests on this release, it’s just the first step, with many more to come. I don’t expect to sell a ton of this one (especially as I’ve already given 100 copies away…!), but I do expect to learn. And you can’t learn if you’re not doing. (Probably not true.)

It’s a good feeling to finally, properly start my author career. I first decided to do this way back in early 2014, so it hasn’t been a fast process.

I’m in it for the long haul. A slow build, with the eye on the long-term. I want to find readers. Build a little fan base. Even be in a position to go full-time at some point.

But all that’s to come. For now WOO-HOO, I’M A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!




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