Nice Reviews Are Nice


Hey, nerds!

So ‘A Monstrous Place’ has been available to buy for around a week or so now and has managed to scrape a few AWESOME reviews. I mean, really, really nice words.

Just rub these against your eyeballs:


“A Monstrous Place is one of those gems that is becoming all too rare these days in indie publishing.”


“A great scary story about a fierce/brave/witty young girl fighting creepy monsters ”


“A beautifully creepy tale brimming with vivid and macabre imagery”

I’m kinda thrilled to get such nice feedback. I’m used to writing scripts, prose is still relatively new to me, so I had no idea if I’d have any real capacity for it. Turns out I’m not doing too badly, and hopefully can only improve from this point on.

In other news, my mailing list has now passed 200 people. Which is amazing. I’m going to continue to push that, because getting a large and, hopefully, mostly engaged mailing list can make all the difference to an Indie Authors career.

If you’ve read Monstrous and enjoyed it, please do feel free to leave a very quick review of your own: REVIEW?

My next release is almost ready to go, I’m just going over tweaks of the front cover with my designer, but I’ll fill you in about that another time.

Thanks for reading my book! If you have read it! If you haven’t, that’s okay, we cool. We cool.


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