Hey, nerds!

So, BIG NEWS…! Well, big news if you’re involved in the crazy sex, drugs and rock & roll world of indie publishing.


As far as promotions go, this is the big one for an indie author. Other promo services can do great things for you, but none get the results you can expect from a BookBub.

The ways of BookBub are mysterious; why they will and won’t pick you up. To say I’m surprised to get the thumbs up on my first attempt is an understatement. In fact, it’s an under-understatement. I only applied on a whim, just to go through the process. And then BLAMMO, the very next day, a lovely acceptance email pops in.

Of course, to really get the best out of it, it pays to have several other titles out for all the new people who find you to buy.


I will have a novelette out in time, and I’ll also pop up a pre-order for The Identical Boy, the second Tales From Between book. Hopefully that’ll be enough to keep hold of a chunk of the curious.

To get an opportunity this early on feels incredibly lucky. I’m not taking anything for granted, though. I know that for some a BookBub or two basically put them on the road to lasting success, and then for others it resulted in a very, very pleasing but temporary bump. Either way, it’s going to be a wild, exciting ride.

Never fear, I’ll fill you in here on how it all pans out when the ad hits.

BookBub, you guyz.



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