Genre Reader


Hey, Nerds!

A new venture to clue you in on today. Myself and another author, David Bussell, have launched GENRE READER. It’s a site (and mailing list) aimed at highlighting and promoting the very best in genre fiction. So fantasy, sci-fi, horror, humour; all the cool geek stuff.

Like reading all that jazz? Or perhaps you write it? Then go here:

Twitter here: @genre_reader

Are you a writer who wants their work featured? Get in touch. Want to write for the site? Review stuff? Knock up a cool ‘Top Ten Horror Books’ style list? Have a front cover reveal or sneak peek at your next magnum opus? Then you know what to do, champ.

Ooh, one cool feature: Forgotten Chapters. Chapters torn from books that don’t exist. Have an abandoned work? Or fancy a cool 30 minute exercise? Then write-up your Forgotten Chapter and toss it over! Fun way to get eyes on you.

We hope Genre Reader will grow to be a great resource for championing only the very best in indie genre fiction.

Join the mailing list to have ace FREE genre fiction kicked into your email every month:

Twitter here: @genre_reader

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