The Identical Boy Is Almost Ready!

Hey there, nerds!

Very excited to say that The Identical Boy, the next Tale From Between, is ALL DONE. *does a little dance, gets down tonight*

Adobe Photoshop PDF

The manuscript is polished, edited, polished again, and is now in Amazon’s mighty mitts. It’s darker than A Monstrous Place; it leans into the horror more. It’s definitely a lot less jolly. It used to be even less jolly, but that’s a story for another time…

The Identical Boy will be available on Dec 1st. It will again be £/$0.99, at least for the first few weeks, so get in early, people!

Now it’s time to polish off the third (and possibly final) Tale From Between: The Increasingly Transparent Girl. I’m hoping, again, for a two month gap; so for it to release early Feb. After that, I’ll either move on entirely, or add more to the series, depending on demand.


But anyway, yes, yes, The Identical Boy is almost ready to run out into the wild. FUN!


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