Podcast Review!


Hey there, Nerds!

Something SUPER COOL happened yesterday. I had a notification from a podcasts twitter feed that they had reviewed my novelette, ‘Sixty-Six’! I was both surprised and slightly afraid about hitting the link. Of course, the fact they included me in the tweet directly should have clued me in to the fact they weren’t completely trashing it; but still, I’m a timid ‘fraidy cat.

The podcast is called ‘B-Movies & E-Books’, and the two jolly hosts said SO MANY NICE THINGS about ‘Sixty-Six’. I mean, they REALLY dug it. To say I’m delighted about what they had to say is a wee bit of an understatement.

Any review is great, but to hear two people talking about your book is very new, very strange, and very, very cool.

Check it out by hitting the link below, the review starts around 40 mins in.


Haven’t read ‘Sixty-Six’ yet? Click the pic below and go grab it, for just £/$0.99…!

66 cover 2

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