2016 Goals


Hey there, you dumb, lovely nerds!

SO. New year, time to assess where I am and what I want to do with this prose writing malarkey. After stepping into the author world late last year, I really want to build this year and be in a great place by the time 2016 closes up.


Last year I became a published author (ya-hoo!) and published two novels in my spooky series for younger readers, Tales From Between, and a stand alone horror novelette, Sixty-Six. My aim at the start of 2015 was just to publish something before Christmas, so to get three things out is great.

I sold more than I thought I would, and people said nice things.

Which is nice.

I’m pretty proud of all three releases.


Okay; so what do I hope to get going in this sparkle-fresh new year?

Tales From Between

My first release will be a third title in this series, The Increasingly Transparent Girl. I will then put out a collection which features all three Between titles. After that, I’m not sure… There’s always room for more stories in this series, but it feels like a good moment to stop. Three books, a little collection, then move on to other projects. I was never going to break out with a kids series, but these have been super fun to write, so who knows….

But for now, these three, and the collection, will see me pushing the pause button as I explore a couple of other worlds.

Horror/Apocalyptic Serial

So last year I wrote a full length horror/sci-fi/apocalyptic-I-suppose ‘thing’. After I’m finished with Transparent Girl, I’ll be jumping 100% back into that. But, rather than putting it out as a single novel, I’ve decided to do a little fun experiment and put it out as a serial. 10-to-15 thousand word ‘episodes’ every two weeks.

The idea tickled at me recently, so I gave the first draft a look and saw that it could easily be sliced into six episodes, so I’m going for it. For the second draft I’ll be focusing on each bit as a separate episode and making sure that it isn’t just  a book chopped up, but that each episode is a satisfying ride in and of itself.

So, six episodes, then a collected edition, which will feature an exclusive short set in the world. Hopefully.

Depending on how it goes, there is scope for further stories, perhaps even another ‘season’ like this. I’ll see how I feel about it once it’s all out; if I want to carry on or if I feel like I’m done with it.

I’ll be letting you know more about this series, including its title, very soon.

New Urban Fantasy Series

Well; I suppose strictly speaking you could call it rural fantasy, as it’s going to be set in the hills, lakes and teeny towns of Cumbria, in the far north of England, rather than a big city.

The idea for this (hopefully) ongoing novel series has been bubbling away in my brain-meat since last March. I wanted my own Dr Who, my own Hellboy, and this is about as close to that as I’ve got so far. What can I say about it at this early stage? Well, there may be a witch. And monsters. And SCARY STUFF.

They will be short-ish books, approx 60,000 words each, and each one will tell a stand alone story, but with a little arc going through. Each arc would cover a trio of books, with the ‘arc’ story being the tale that’s told in book three. Then three more books, with new stand alone stories, and a new arc.

I’m hoping this will be one of my big, ongoing series. I’m going to write the first drafts of the first three books before releasing any, so the series will launch at some point in the second half of the year.

Other Stuff

I also have a new novelette already written, and I’ll probably do a third to break up the writing of the first three books in the Urban Fantasy series. If I do, then I dare say I’ll put all three novelettes into a little collection, too.


That’s, uh, a heck of a lot of writing to do. Who knows how much of it I’ll get done, but I’d really like to try to get as much as possible out there. Let’s see…

I have high hopes for 2016, so lets see how crushed I am come Christmas…!

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