Everyone’s a Critic & The X-Files

“The Hill will Crack…”



Hey there, Strangers!

*looks above* Writing stories with a pen and paper?! Get hip, granddad, we in the future now, bruv. I write by projecting my brain-burps against a 3D printer.

So the last couple of days I’ve been fiddling with Apocalypse still (ooh, what IS the full title?!?!), trying to further shape the thing. I’ve been blocking the internet for a couple of hours a night, to try to stop myself getting distracted, which is good. Next, I need to start sooner rather than mooching around for 90 minutes, before actually putting my butt in the chair and slapping words out.

I feel like I’m getting into things now though; the trouble has been that this is something I’d already written that I’ve tore pieces from, rearranged, and tried to add new bits too. So trying to get to grips with that and make the new shine through has slowed progress. Hopefully I should be on the right track now.

That’s How Stories Happen, Dummy


One thing that bugs the crap out of me just bugged the crap out of me again whilst scrolling through Twitter. ‘Oh, the writer probably just made this up as they went along.’

Uh, duh, no kidding; that’s LITERALLY how all stories are created. ALL OF THEM. How else do you think story-tellers create their tales? Even if a writer plans every twist and turn out before they start writing the actual thing, guess what? Whilst making that lovely plan, they were MAKING IT UP AS THEY WENT ALONG.

The X-Files


I stopped watching The X-Files a few seasons before the end. Still haven’t watched those final few seasons. (Doggett? What is a ‘Doggett’?) But for the first four or five seasons, I loved the crap out of that show. I mean LOOOOOOOOOVED. When my Dad gave me control over my bank account, I cleared that sucker out and bought as many X-Files videos as I could afford.

Sorry, Dad!

Now the show is back, for a limited run, and I am INTRIGUED. I see it’s been getting a swift boot to the nethers by many critics, but I’m still gonna watch the heck out it. This was one of the shows that made me want to write my own spooky stories, and I’m pulling for the sucker; please don’t be terrible!

Will you be watching? And which episode rocked you happy from the original run?

Okay, that’s all for now; stay odd, nerds!


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