Revenge of The Lazy Writer

“The Knot Man had a warning to deliver.”



On Friday I declared on Twitter that I would complete the latest draft of Apocalypse over the weekend. Well, it’s Monday, and I’m clearly a big, fat, handsome liar with an ass that’s too legit to quit.

Yeah. I didn’t finish.

The main reason is psychological: I let myself be lazy. I thought I was in a rush, but then nailed down a new schedule for all three parts of the miniseries with my editor, and suddenly I didn’t seem too pressed for time, and so my mind refused to let me finish, because my mind is a lazy son-of-a-turd.

MIND: “Work?! Really?!  Relax, ya’ idiot! You got WEEKS now! Sit back, watch YouTube for a couple of hours.”

ME: “Really? Because I’m kinda close to the end, I should just power through anyway. I’ll feel REALLY good and happy and ace if I get this draft done…”

MIND: “You know what I just heard? ‘Wah-wah-wah’. Like a baby. Like you’re a big, dumb, bearded baby. A freak show baby. Is that what you are? A giggly little freak show baby? How about you let ME do the thinking, buddy?”

ME: “You’re the boss!” *Clicks on YouTube*

So….yeah. That was bad of me. I managed to turn it around a little at the end of Sunday and power through a thousand words, but really I should have had this thing done and dusted. Ah well. It’ll get there this week.

MIND: “Yeah, chuckles, we’ll see about that….”

ME: *falls to knees and screams*



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