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Batman was really the only ‘superhero’ comic I read as a kid. Mostly collecting graphic novels, but for a few years I would collect individual issues, too. I loved Batman because he didn’t have any super powers; he couldn’t float and shoot lasers out of his hands. He couldn’t run super fast or stick to walls with his hands. He was just the worlds greatest detective and could kick your arse.

This meant he could have brilliant bad guys, and a hero is only as good as his villains. Not being super strong or invulnerable or any of that malarkey meant that he could have a fantastic villain whose only ‘power’ was that he was completely crazy. A Superman can swat a Joker away, you have to go even bigger with a hero like that. It’s not as interesting. Batman can deal with ‘realer’ seeming threats, and so just connects more immediately with me. I don’t believe in giant space robots that can travel through time, I do believe in crazy people who want to cut your face off and wipe their bum-bum with it.

The latest trailer for Superman Vs Batman dropped, and it has some SUPER-SEXY-HOT Batman action. The opening fight scene is just awesome. This film is getting a lot of flak, partly because of Man of Steel disappointing, and partly just because a lot of people have a thing against the director, Zach Snyder. I’m not a huge fan of his myself, and thought the way he chose to cut up the narrative of Man of Steel basically stopped the viewer becoming emotionally attached, but I’m not going to damn this before having seen it. People were slating this film before a frame had been shot.


As I said, I think Snyder’s films often look better than they play, but I am a fan of his Dawn of the Dead, and I thought Watchmen was pretty darn good, all things considered. But yeah, lots of people just want to slate it, or poke fun at the darker tone.

Not everything has to be Iron Man or Guardians of the Galaxy, okay?

It’s just ‘cool’ to bag on DC films, The Marvel-Marvel-rah-rah-rah crew seems to only want one type of superhero movie, and it’s the Marvel way.

Anyway, I’m hopeful because I love a bit of Bat’s, and Affleck looks like he’s nailing it. Snyder is a visuals guy; if the script has been nailed, then this will work great.



This week I’ve been playing around with parts 2 & 3 of my Apocalypse mini-series, getting the beats in good shape to start writing, whilst I allow the latest draft of part 1 to sit un-fiddled with for a little while.

Aside from that, I now have the paperback ready to go for The Increasingly Transparent Girl, and I just commissioned a NEW COVER FOR A NEW SERIES!


It’s for my new Strange Stories series of stand alone weird stories I mentioned recently. I want to get a consistent brand for the series, and I can’t wait to see what ideas my designer comes back with. This is one of the best parts of indie publishing, developing an ace visual to sit up top. If it gets nailed, and the stories are good enough, people should want to snap up the next Strange Story, and the next. They’re no longer stand alone, they’re a cool series to grab all of.

Well, that’s the idea at least….

Okay, that’s it for now, Nerds. Stay tuned, because I have a new release coming!


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6 thoughts on “Covers & Batman”

  1. All right – so I thought that MAN OF STEEL sucked harder than a potatoed exhaust pipe.

    HOWEVER – I loved DAWN OF THE DEAD and I dug WATCHMEN as well and I did not realize that the same dude had made those movies.

    I’m hoping they pull this off. I am a pretty big fan of most of the DC television efforts, such as FLASH and GOTHAM, and I feel that Marvel has humped the bunk with the way they have conspiracy-theoried up their AGENTS OF SHIELD and AGENT CARTER (or whatever they are called) – so in my books DC is winning the television race.

    However, DC’s movies so far – IN MY OPINION – have totally stunk. I’ve watched the big bad Batman trilogy three times and I still feel like some movie director is trying to club me into submission with his film school diploma. Same thing with MAN OF STEEL. They are just trying way too hard.

    At the same time I hated IRON MAN 2 and 3 and loathed AVENGERS 2 . I enjoyed GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY as a fun popcorn flick but I felt that it wasn’t in the league of CAPTAIN AMERICA 1 or IRON MAN 1 or THE HULK (not the one by “Angst” Lee, the other one). I also absolutely DREAD what I have seen in the trailers for DEADPOOL. They are goofing with my superheroes and that peeves me off considerably.

    SO – to make a long old story short – I hope that SUPERMAN VERSUS BATMAN is not long and drawn out and needlessly angst-ridden – but at the same time I hope that they don’t take it in the goofy gag-a-minute direction of AVENGERS 2 or DEADPOOL.

    Time will tell, I guess.

    1. Yeah, DC definitely seems to have their stuff together on TV. Snyder has definitely put a few good movies out there, just has quite a few stinkers, too. Hopefully this one falls into the Dawn/Watchmen bracket…! I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt because the footage looks pretty cool, and I just want any Batman movie to be good..!

  2. I followed you over here from Kboards and realized you’re the same one I saw a couple days ago talking about a new cover for 66 (again, I’m a no vote). Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing your new covers. I like what you have so far. Very original. They stand out for me.

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