‘Apocalypse Hill’ Release Date!

Hey there, Strangers…!

Well, I hit you up with that sexy as heck front cover for my next book, Apocalypse Hill, and so I thought I’d better let you know when you can actually get your filthy mitts on it….

…SO! The first part of this spooky-arse miniseries will be released on…

…drum roll please…

JUNE 27th!

Don’t worry, I’ll bang on about it A LOT MORE over the coming weeks, so you WILL NOT FORGET.

OOH! And there will be a FREE short set in the world of Apoc Hill coming for your reading pleasure very soon…

In the meantime, a wee snippet of Apocalypse Hill for ya:

“You’ve got the Devil growing inside of you. I can see it. I can smell it! Can you not see his Devilish horns as you gaze upon yourself in the mirror and brush, brush, brush that hair? Perhaps He hides from you. Perhaps He makes you blind. But He can’t hide from me. No. No, no, no. No Devil or demon can shield itself from these eyes.”

‘Apocalyspe Hill’ PUBLISHING JUNE 27th



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