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Over the Garden Wall & Writing, Writing, Writing

Hey there, STRANGERS! Here’s what’s on my mind:


Over The Garden Wall…

Okay, if you’ve read any of my Tales From Between, you know I’m a sucker for kids wandering into spooky danger, and this cartoon miniseries ticks a lot of my boxes.

It’s odd, and weirdly emotional. And kinda scary at times! Not sure where it’s available, but go hunting and I’m sure you’ll find it.



Good lordy-lord, I have been busy! Well… I could have been busier….and further along. I’m really good at sitting at my laptop doing nothing for long stretches. You think you’re probably good at procrastination, but you ain’t got nuthin’ on me, son.

But what have I been up to?! I thought I’d give a little run down of what I’m doing, and what’s coming up:

  • Apocalypse Hill

How’s that for a sexy title? Hm? HMMM…? Apocalypse Hill is a bit Stephen King with a dollop of Gaiman slopped on top. Maybe. Probably not.

It’s a three-part ‘miniseries’. Each book is around 40-to-45 thousand words (so short books) and they piece together to tell one tale. The first book is in with the editor, and I’ve finished the first draft of part two.

This gets pretty dark at times. Yeah.

It’s my biggest prose project so far. I suppose I should work out what in the heck happens in part 3…

  • A Starless Night

This was going to be a one-off novelette, like Sixty-Six, but inspired by Eamon Ambrose’s Zero Hour series,  I’ve decided to put it out as short episodes before collecting it together in one book. I mean, why the heck not? It’s good to experiment.

So it’ll be out in episodes that are 8-to-10 thousand words each. Probably four episodes, then the complete collection. If I like it, then I might continue the model and put out further short works in this way. If not, uh, I  guess I won’t.

It’s a sci-fi/fantasy/time travel thingy. With scary kid monsters wielding knives of bone. COR!

  • Urban Fantasy Series

This is my first proper series. The Tales From Between were really stand alone stories linked by a fantasy world, but this will be an ongoing series featuring the same main characters.

It’s an urban fantasy series; they seem quite popular right now, so I’ll be putting mine out just as people get bored with them. I’ve plotted out the first book and knocked out the first few thousand words. As soon as Apocalypse Hill wraps up, it’ll be the project I focus on most.

  • The Night Forest

A spin-off from The Tales From Between series?! MAYBE!

The ghost and the adventurer walked further into the night forest.

Short stories (10 thousand words); individual adventures that slot together to explore Mr Adams & Neil’s ongoing adventures Between.  I didn’t want to leave behind these kind of stories after stepping away from the full length Tales, so this is a nice (and not too time consuming) way to continue on in the world.

No clue as to when I’ll start putting them out, but as they’re going to be so short, it could be any time.

Or I might not.


Speak soon, Strangers!


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Strange Stories & The X-Files



Hey there, Strangers!

So I’m just waiting on my paperback cover for The Increasingly Transparent Girl to come back, then I’ll be gearing up to release. Which is nice. I’ve been wondering about doing special editions for the Between books, too, with a few full-page illustrations. That’d be pretty swish.

Stand alone stories are a hard sell in the Indie world, it’s one of the reasons I decided to turn the Tales From Between into a series, even though each book is its own thing with different characters. Series are what sells. That being said, I don’t only want to write in strict series, and I’ve already got one stand alone novelette out there, Sixty-Six. So! I’m going to rebrand that, and put any future stand alone stories, be they shorts like Sixty-Six or full length novels, under the A Strange Story series banner. A series name, and some consistency with the covers visual branding, and suddenly it’s more likely readers will start picking them up. Hopefully.

I’ve got a second Strange Story novelette ready to go, I’ve started on a third, and I have lots of ideas for others. So that’s something I’m going to keep ticking over as I work on other series. I think working on these shorter works also just helps me improve as a writer, so whether or not they’re big sellers, they’re worthwhile.

I’m also thinking about doing audio versions for the Tales From Between. I understand that longer audiobooks are better, and these are short books, so I might put out all three as a collection.

The X-Files


Well the new limited run series of The X-Files finally started up here in the UK, on Channel Five of all places. This may be the first time I actually made a point of watching something on Channel 5. Weird.

I’d heard all the jabber about this first episode not being…well…the greatest episode in the shows history. I can certainly understand why most reviews were on the negative side. This wasn’t a smooth or triumphant return to the world, it was kinda awkward as it strained and stumbled to lurch the thing back to life. It has, after all, been a long time since the people involved made any new adventures for the show; let’s just ignore that Billy Connolly featuring second flick. Seriously, what was Chris Carter thinking with that?

CARTER: “Hey, you know what X-Files fans like…?”  

NOT CARTER: “Hm…aliens and monsters?”  

CARTER: “Bingo! Let’s not give them any of that, they’ll love it!” 


Personally, for this new series, I would’ve broken viewers in a little easier and given them a kick-ass, scary, monster-of-the-week episode to start with. Drip-feed the conspiracy stuff over the first couple of weeks.

But you know what? It was great to have it back, and I did enjoy watching it. From what I understand, the next two get better and better, and you can take it as read that I’ll be tuning into Channel Five again next week. CHANNEL 5!!

Doctor Who

Cap Promo

Over on that ace site Genre Reader, I posted a big ‘ol post detailing my MUST SEE episodes of modern Doctor Who.


Check it: Must See Episodes of Modern Who

Okay, you can leave now.



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