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What I’ve Been…




More drumming than all James Bond films put together. Fact. You could add in all past and future Star Wars films and you still wouldn’t even be almost or nearly or just about close. They basically should have called this film ‘Drumming Whilst Bleeding, Sweating, and Being SHOUTED AT BY A MUSCULAR BALD MAN.’  I suppose ‘Whiplash’ fits better on the poster, though.

If you want a film that features very little to no drumming, then you’re fresh out of luck. Try ‘Birdman’ or ‘Big  Trouble in Little China’. Or some other film not exclusively about drumming.

It was fully ace. Go watch, see and also listen and jig in your seat during the big final scene.


‘Cabal’ by Clive Barker


There’s no Pinhead in this, or really any pins at all (some heads did feature) but it was still alright. The lead female character was pretty terrible and daft and then she stabs herself. So. But still, mostly fun. Cool stuff. Monsters. I’m a real good book reviewer. 


Kindle Cover Disasters


Bad design is just funny, yo. Some wiley chap or chap-ess has been trawling Amazon for some of the best worst book covers and collecting them together. Go look-see:

Right, that’s enough of that, go get gone.